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The caps  Flexfit have special technology to give the user a perfect fit. They are scientifically built in 5  sizes  for an adjustment  Perfect. This innovative flexible-size patent technology has revolutionized the headwear industry.

The caps  are ergonomically constructed with a special technique that weaves polyurethane with spandex into the sweat band, but doesn't stop there.  to keep the  way, YUPOONG has developed special fabrics that are sewn  across the entire crown, giving it a perfect fit every time, regardless of head or size and shape.  The unique design makes the cap  unbelievably comfortable and incredibly safe, as if it were custom  for the user .  


All materials and components used in the  manufacturing process are internationally approved by reputable agencies and contain no harmful substances. THE YUPOONG  develops many specialty fabrics for optimal performance, including Cool & Dry, Anti Mosquito and Anion Tech, ensuring that no challenge is difficult to overcome.

FLEXFIT comes with distinctive patent label, adhesive on the  visor,  hang tags and sweatband.  The front of the cap  is reinforced with buckram  is typically built to be the  best cap in the headwear industry and is a true statement because many of the world's top brands select Yupoong brand caps  as your preference. The Flexfit range has since  4  to 8  panels giving customers the ultimate choice of various styles.  Each Flexfit is made with a visor.  specialized  by default, which can be curved  and adjusted  continuously, without getting damaged  or with the wrong shape. the pala  curve that is used,  is built  with a material that is unique and with  a patented technology from ®YUPOONG  which is known as Permacurv.  FLEXFIT, the most comfortable, superior and recognized cap in the world, great for making embroidered caps  customized.



THE Pro-Formance technology  combines Cool & Dry properties with the premium look and feel of wool fabric.


Flexfit Tech

Revolutionary technology weaves polyurethane elastane throughout the crown of the  cap  for a secure and comfortable fit.


Flexfit Mesh

Patented stretch polyester mesh provides superior comfort and innovation among caps.  Truckers.  Who said the caps  trucks  can only be in adjustable styles!



the visors  come with a technology that maintains its proper shape and curve at all times.


Cool and Dry

This technology absorbs perspiration from your body and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

Boné Flexfit viseucaps manufacture
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